The protestors are made up of intersections of a wide variety of persons. 60’s flower children socialists who yearn for their protests of days past, bleeding hearts, those who have nothing better to do and want to see what is going on, those who want to be a part of something bigger than they are, angry ones who have unhealed wounds, the opportunists, and compassionate interventionists. But then then there are the agitators, the ones who deliver the messages and the ones who influence the direction of the crowds. They have louder voices, they are a bit more pushy, a bit more manipulative, a different edge and something is hiding behind the eyes. It is these of whom I reference today.

I will be blunt. These crowd leaders, the ones making demands and dictating where to do and what to do are following a tune, and not necessarily of their own moral framework. These are tricksters and hucksters and have been finely trained on what exactly to say and do. These “protestors” are often grads of mind control programs and are paid operators – very much staged players. I can guarantee you that their installations, bio-wiring, chips, implants, AI, hardware and tech components are receiving incoming messages at light speed. These persons have uploadable data fields with massive capacity, they move and bend in a crowd like finely tuned instruments until the parrots around them flit like a grand starling murmuration, or a band that has been playing together for 20 years.

You must be smarter than the average bear to know how to deal with them and when engaging in warfare, what to pray. I am going to lay out prayer strategies to assist you so that you can go higher. “Oh God, if it is your will, please bless them and help them” …that just isn’t going to work, folks. As well, I would encourage you to keep this post. Print it off, save it. You will need it for later. This is a test of the emergency broadcast system. They want to ensure their marauders are working properly and at some point, the game will move from the cities to your small town and then out into the countryside. They are coming to a neighborhood near you! You will need a strategy. Finally, if you aren’t comfortable praying in and to high level warfare, get comfortable. You are a first waver and it’s time to Level Up.

  • Confuse the clarion call messages being sent by the left hand pathers. Speak tongues into their messages, which will make the messages hard to discern.
  • Call in shields of gold from the 3rd heaven around the protesters to act as Faraday cages, again to block incoming and outgoing messages
  • Do some basic energy blocking and binding. Bind frequencies, algorithms, wavelengths across space/time continuum and across the electromagnetic spectrum.
  • Upload heavenly viruses to tech installations
  • Confuse cell phone tower signals going to left hand pather and cult phones (their phones do not operate or act like our phones. They are waaayy higher level. Many of these protestors gets messages coming to their phones from higher ups).
  • Go after a principality in a region (GET PERMISSION FROM HOLY SPIRIT BEFORE YOU DO THIS ONE!!) I put the one over my town on lockdown all of the time. He is afraid of me – hahaha!
  • Bind and defeat witchcraft over the crowds. Send hexes, curses, incantations, vexes, smotes and enchantments back on the head of the sender x a billion to the 10th power.
  • Put the covens in your area on lockdown. Create prison realms for them. (a personal favorite).
  • Set up speakers to pipe in music from the angels singing around the throne of Yah, for peace and calm over crowds and to confuse incoming and outgoing messages.
  • Call in Sweeper Angels with scrubber brooms to erase left hand pather signs and symbols (they leave them for occult workers like breadcrumsbs to tell them where to go, what to do).
  • This one really agitates them! Takes about 30 min. for them to reset.
  • Ask the Father to show you how their comms are staged and arranged. Ask for strategy on how to take the out with force!
  • Living Water can be activated at different ph levels – use it as an acid or as a corrosive agent. Use it to flood. Use it in water cannons to blast. Use it to soak for peace and calm over crowds. Just use it!
  • Create system perturbations in waves that are controlled by never-ending code changes. Harness the perturbations to angelic music, heavenly frequencies, etc…
  • Speak the names of the Father and the name of Yeshua on, over, through and under their grids and matrices.
  • Every time you pray a strategy into order, speak it into all timelines, ages, realms dimensions, wormholes, universes, space/time continuum, past, present, future, to infinity and beyond.

Get creative! Battle on, Warrior Friends! 

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