A Journey Through Healing Basics

Adding Nuts and Bolts to Your Toolbox


~ presented by Ruthie Andrews ~

Meet Ruthie Andrews, LPC
Founder of Kyrie Coaching & Counseling

Ruthie specializes in integrating psychology and theology to minister to all aspects of the individual.

She has provided clinical services in the mental health and substance abuse fields for over 16 years.  Ruthie is an educator and trainer on the neurology of change and the neurochemistry of addiction and trauma.  She currently manages Kyrie Counseling, a private practice dedicated to treating individuals with various complex trauma needs.  Ruthie's coaching addresses all dynamics of the body, soul and spirit and utilizes prayers of spiritual warfare for deep restoration and healing.

Module #1

Reducing Anxiety and Post Trauma Reactions: An Intro to Your Inside World

Module #2

Clearing Ancestral Baggage and Excising Witchcraft: Digging Out Ugly Roots

Module #3

Body Work and Learning to Listen: Your Cells Have a Voice

Module #4

Contracts and Covenants: How you Relate and Create Relationship

Module #5

Avoid, Escape, Distract: Deciding to Chart a New Course and Rewire

Module #6

Your Genetic Gifting: Taking Back, Taking Charge and Owning Your DNA

Module #7

Realms, Timelines and Scrolls: A Template for Deeper Breakthrough

Benefits of This Program

I have designed this 7-week program with your healing and total freedom in mind. What you will learn is based on decades of research and what we've learned and experienced in breakthrough after breakthrough with my own clinical clients.

  • Gain a practical understanding of how to self-heal with these simple tools
  • Get breakthrough from limiting beliefs and patterns that have kept you stuck
  • Unlock deeper truths and bigger gifts Father wants to give you
  • Increase momentum on your journey to total healing and freedom
  • Stabilize new neural pathways and behavior patterns once healed

PLUS, You Don't Have to Do This Alone!

This Program includes 2 LIVE group coaching
Hot Seat calls with Ruthie!

Zoom calls will run about 90 minutes.

Clients are Raving about their Breakthroughs
after working with Ruthie!

Ruthie's teachings are miles ahead of everything that is out there.  Her work in deliverance and inner healing as well as a great wealth of knowledge of how energy actually works, enemy access points, spiritual and physical health, freedom from bondage from  a vast hierarchy of evil ruling entities, are a must know for a child of God in these dark times. Ruthie and her training modules will amaze both the beginner and the seasoned veteran in spiritual warfare and healing. She provides the tools necessary to catapult victims of abuse, spiritual oppression, bondage and pain, into the front lines of battle and win.

Corey T.
Corey T. Company Inc

I have been able to learn new and challenging content in such a short time and with the capacity to actually step into these things and utilize the new data that I have received. I am truly a living testimony of the acceleration Father is releasing to His people at this time!

Therese S.
Therese S.


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