Curse Complexities & Conundrums

Strategies to Finally Break Resetting Patterns and Loops

 Learn HOW and WHY complex reset structures persist,
and WHAT to do about them.

Have you seen patterns of addictions, financial problems, health or body challenges in yourself or your family line?  Have you even tried repenting, crying out to God for assistance, asking for help...only to see the issues recur? 


I've discovered a solution, and I want to share it with you.  

Benefits of Taking this Course


  • Discover how complex curses assail your family line.
  • Understand how math and science play important roles in family line curse patterns, and what to do about it.
  • Learn about how and why curses can reset and play out over and over for self and families.
  • Gain huge upgrades in powerful prayer strategies to take on the complexities.
  • Renew your HOPE in gaining true freedom!

PLUS - you also get 2 LIVE Hotseat Coaching calls!

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What's in the
Curse Complexities and Conundrums Course?

Module #1

Curses Revisited

Module #2

Inception of Complexities

Module #3

Wiring in Complexities

Module #4

Tower of Babel Conundrums

Module #5

Math and Science Hijinks

Module #6

Curse Resets

Module #7

Even More Resets

Module #8

The Resets Continue

Module #9

Finishing the Resets

Module #10

Putting It All Together

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